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0x8004210C – Outlook 2003 error

31 Mar

I was gone for almost a week and had not downloaded personal email and there were some 180 emails to download. Every time I attempted to download, Outlook 2003 would not complete the download normally and when I would start again, the download started with 1 of 180 emails, every time.
I thought maybe just downloading headers would get a good download completion, but no.

So I logged in to the web email site, and deleted most of the emails and then went back to Outlook, which now failed downloading with this error:

(Account Name) Receiving’ reported error (0x8004210C) : ‘Some messages you marked for download are no longer available on the server.’

Since the download of email failed with the above error, the email server was not marking the emails as downloaded.
I tried deleting these header records in Outlook, but couldn’t. After a search on the web, I thought I was going to have to create a new data file. But then I found the “Shift-delete” solution. I did not have to recreate anything or copy anything.

Just select the orphan header records, and press SHIFT+DELETE.  Answer Ok to the permanent delete warning and it will appear the header records still exist, but these should go away with another “Send/Receive Email”.

Success! Success!

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