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BOX Sync Stops, No Alerts

19 Jan

The place I work has a corporate version of BOX, and I’ve been using BOX on my Windows 7 laptop for the last year or so. I kept some crucial files in the BOX sync folder in Windows Explorer, and I felt relieved to know that these files were being backed up to the “cloud”.
So I got a new laptop the other day and I connected to BOX, and all the files that were downloaded to the new laptop were last updated in June, 2015, seven months ago!
Apparently I logged out of Box Sync back in June and there was no more syncing of my Windows folder.  I may have closed a log-in, or checked a box “do not show again” in haste.  But shouldn’t an essential service like a cloud backup service have barked at least once since then?  I was still using the Box Sync folder?  The services were still running on the laptop!?

Trust but verify.  Or Don’t Trust and verify.  But who has time to verify that a corporate piece of software you were told to use is doing the job corporate wanted the software to do?

It’s a good thing I didn’t have to depend on BOX.

If you are the administrator of Box in a corporate environment, you may want to find a way to confirm active Box syncing by your users.

January 19, 2016