Error:13 – PLD upload to

14 Feb

I’ve run into this issue a few times on WMi (Warehouse Management for iSeries) version 260.  The program, TPM262, has this response from

Error: 13 – Èãã×añKñ@ñðð@à £  ¤

Error encountered when transmitting, retransmission required.

A resubmission of the PLD to UPS results in an “already submitted” response.

I haven’t sent this to Manhattan Associates nor UPS.  A Google search did not provide an explanation either.  But it rang a bell today because recently, our CNC was having issues with Text Conversion on the IFS in iSeries Navigator, V6R1, with service pack 42423.

I did a little ASCII to EBCDIC conversion, using a table I found on the web, and it looks like the response begins with HTTP/1.1 …….?  I’m not sure of the rest.

HTTP/1.1 turns up on a few Google searches, so I think I have a way into this issue.



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