Tape Alert

25 Sep

I loaded the magazine in a TS2900 IBM tape storage device, and during the inventory phase, the accessor (or carrier) started making a grinding sound. Like it was hitting the limit of movement, but still trying to move. The system generated a “Tape Alert” email:

Subject: Library Event Report
01/01/2008 22:24:52
ACCESSOR HWError(error, 2) CHK=0082

Contact IBM Service.

Vendor ID : IBM
Product ID : 3572-TL
F/W Revision : 0024.0000
Serial Number : 00000******
IP Address : ***.***.***.***

Drive 1 : IBM ULT3580-HH5 FW_REV:C7RD

Power cycling had no effect. I removed the magazine with manual pin release, but the carrier was too deep for me to reach it. So I opened a case with IBM.

IBM technician came in, varied off the tape drive, powered off, unplugged all cables, and we removed it from the rack and opened the case. There was a loose tape in the carrier’s path! The tape retaining tabs seemed to work OK, but they are a little weak??

Now I know.

From the web access, while there was a problem, a window would pop:
“Inventory Command Error”
-Inventory command execution failure. (ASC/ASCQ:40/80) “DIAGNOSTIC FAILURE ON COMPONENT 80”


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