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NetServer Disabled User ID Due to Mapped iSeries Drive

17 Sep

I created an iSeries shared IFS folder and then mapped a network drive on my
Windows 7 PC. Nearly every time I used the mapped drive on my PC, I found that my access was denied and I had to re-enable the NetServer i5/OS user id.

Re-enabling NetServer i5/OS user ids:
– Open iSeries Navigator / select server / Network / Servers / TCP/IP / right click on i5/OS NetServer / select Disabled User Ids.

This issue is caused by identical user ids on the Windows network and on the iSeries, with different passwords. See the link.

The solution: In iSeries Navigator, right click on the shared IFS folder, and “create shortcut”

2 alternate solutions are either to use different user ids on the 2 systems, or to use the same user id and the same passwords.